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Dear Art Lovers & Friends,

This exhibition “Works on Canvas“ will display only his acrylic works, although Lee Eng Beng started his art career using watercolour
medium, he has progressed to mainly painting acrylic on canvas. But for those who love his watercolours, there will also be
opportunities to view them in the adjacent stock-room, and acquire them for your collection. All his works at this exhibition will be in
his eBook.

Lee Eng Beng, is already a well known accomplished award-winning watercolorist where his works have been exhibited in Penang,
KL, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China. He has in the past seven years focused on acrylic artworks on canvas and has offered a fresh
perspective to his artistic versatility. He has developed  a very distinctive style of 'figure type' or 'stylised figures', which good
artists try to develop as their signature style. We understand his “exaggerated” muscles in his figures which look like The Incredible
are his fantasy (or wish-fulfilment) of achieving a perfect set of muscles for himself and was very influenced by the Japanese
Anime "Slam Dunk".

His stylised figures are captured in his series of “family bonding” type of works on Parents & Child relationship. They also appear in his
“Kampung” series, where “cockfights”
still prevail, and portrays his way of presenting quiet, relaxing and serene Kampung environment.
Because of his appreciation of the heritage and vibrancy of our Penang street scene,
Lee Eng Beng has also included in this exihibition
the Penang hawker series in acrylic for art lovers who still treasures
such works. Moreover he has also a few large works to portray the
“Pulse of urban Expressionism” with subtle social